Super Foods

Spinach or peaches are not similar to the previous ones. This is the topic of communication on many tables and the reality that led to the new era of dietetics: the so-called identifiable foods.

With the good inside and sometimes, unbalanced weight loss plan of the goods we eat today, the arrival of those new products with extra homes is more than welcome: they may be high in antioxidants (nutrients A, C and E) and phytonutrients (from ultraviolet radiation and infections) In addition to protection, rasa is present in the flora that provides color and flavor On the materials), remove toxins, reduce the chances of coronary heart illness or cancer and cancer-fighting contributions are growing older.




It is common to hear about the merits of traditional products in the Mediterranean weight loss plan, including olive oil.

Myth or reality

Are we experiencing the cure of preventive and protective drugs against viable illnesses, or is it a brief and forbidden trend, made out of the developed world’s popular interest in eating ethics and health?

An easy search on Google during the “super meal” is well known to every zero. Thirteen seconds a person tracks the word on the Internet.

In addition, it yields 700,000 results.

However, despite its ubiquity, there is never a professional definition.

It is fashion or fashion; This is not a new thing. A few years ago the Clinical Network named vitamins deliberate components, including calories, fitness, olive oil, nuts or blue fish. That is why Cal comes with clever food, but it does not delight in medical evidence. It is right that they are very healthy products.

Nutrition expert Manuel Monino of the Carlos III Institute’s Biomedical Research Center agrees with the statement: “There is no such super food. Instead, communicate the approximate pleasant patterns in place of specific items: there is no proof of them. In fact, most studies on animal in vitro assessments. Demonstrated mill You use a lot of materials in large quantities, which is not possible by taking a simple meal of.

However, it is quite standard to be rich in some bioactive substances or phytochemicals, which are under investigation in research including flavonoids, carotenes, and phenolic compounds … “.

“They are healthy products, but they are no longer curative. They make fitness extraordinary”. Irene warns Breton.

For this expert, a fun way to provide the frame with all the ingredients you need is through a rich eating regimen such as legumes, end result, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, but taking a particular product or excluding others, such as eggs or dairy, contributes to “health.” Or remove the lunch line and no longer isolate Take forever. Some do excellent business, oat bran county, special juices, blueberries are sold or moved to ask the people. Many are taken into account by the wonderful meal, but now they are not endemic to our raisins “.

In Spain, we spend over 2,000 million euros on amazing items, which are collected every time and then from amazing foods. According to endocrinology and sports medicine expert Neves Palacios, one cannot forget about the fruits, nuts and vegetables, and greens and fish every day when making a menu.

In 2013, the New England Journal of Medicine found an effect in Cardiovascular III Institute of Madrid’s cardiovascular risk patients, proving that such meals are rich and low in soft liquids, fatty meats and sweets. 30% chance of coronary heart attack. The idea of ​​”incredible” is popular not only among scientists but also in the media, ”he said.

Exotic and traditional

What is clear is that incorporating these foods into a balanced diet can be beneficial both physically and mentally. “It produces emotional well-being and helps with shallowness, as we are conscious that we are taking care of our frame,” says Itcasne Tome, a psychologist at the Ravenna Clinic.

But what to buy?

Have you ever appreciated all the lifestyle’s or the bizarre name by using newshounds and bloggers? Paula Rosso, a nutritionist at the Lazo Plaza Scientific Center, is now out on every option.

“Some traditions go back to their energetic discoveries after scientific discovery: for example, omega-3 acids and chia fiber, cardiovascular protectors, or goji berries, are extremely antioxidant. Propagate.

However, Mediterranean foods are also a

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