Some Things Never Change

Americans are an interesting mix of cultures and cuisines. We love sushi, Chinese and Mexican food, Italian eating places, and clothing coffee drinks, but when it comes to it right, there are some surprises. We buy the same fundamentals that have been around for decades, especially because of the fact that we grow on them, they are served in school dining rooms and they are around every nose.



Overall there are no surprises here and there has been little exchange over the years, so let’s start with the Big Ten of America’s favorite foods of the year (no vegetables in sight):

Hamburgers – For the reason that the first White Castle opened, we were hooked
Hot dogs – Whole American food
French Fries – These can’t be done big
Oreo Cookies – Chocolate Chip Cookie enthusiasm enthusiasts will not accept
Pizza – Most toppings, but the base is the same
Soft Drinks – As a nation we all mess up all day (now technically not food, Howdy)
We realize that the fast food chain has started it all – chicken tenders
Ice Cream – Thanks to Foodie President Thomas Jefferson for this
Donuts – Champions breakfast
Potato Chips – Our favorite snack food, hands down
Mac and cheese (yes, Thomas Jefferson also brought it up)
Apple pie – has been in some form for centuries

Soft drinks:

KOLAS – Since the opening of the first soda fountain, they have maintained their reputation
Lemon / Lime Fluids – Because Americans have lemons, a variation of the appropriate ancient lemon juice
Dr. Pepper – Originally considered a tonic (like a cola), though it has a dedicated following


Berries — ever a person started collecting wild berries in the woods (toss-up some surveys claiming it was bananas or apples)
Apples – are clean to grow and transport
Banana – no washing required
Grapes – The value may vary, but is still tremendous, mainly seed-free


Broccoli – Critical doubts are here, but some surveys are catching on
Corn – Probably America’s first indigenous vegan and right there though
Potatoes – French fries and potato chips are no small portion
Tomatoes – very base for ketchup (our favorite condiment) and other ingredients
Green Beans – What’s not to like anymore?

Confectionery (Pinnacle Five is all chocolate-based):

M & Ms is very intertwined
Reese peanut butter cups
Snickers – Peanuts, Caramel – Nougat – First class of the whole
Hershey – Milk Chocolate Bar – can’t improve on that
Kit Cats – Crunchy and laughter
Candy corn – at Halloween, for the positives

Ice Cream Flavors:

Cookies N Cream – part of the Oreo craze
Chocolate – a continuation of America’s love affair with chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chip – Fresh
Vanilla – Very simple and the foundation for many dinners
Cookie Dough – relatively new compared to the original vanilla

Unlike most communities, cost plays a major role with seafood:

Shrimp, however, are top of the list, and if the fees are low the consumption will go a long way
Salmon – 2nd away (but the most popular order in restaurants)
Tuna – Sandwich filling and also loves eating
Tilapia – Often referred to as “dirty,” it is still powerful, lightweight, and well spent together

The best-selling cold cereals are:

Cheerios – Every honey is nut and simple
Frosted Flakes – Sugar has already been added to vintage-timer corn flakes
Mini-wheat – similarly grated wheat – is smaller in size than sugar-coated and special
Special K – “Eating Rules” as food, we can idiot if we don’t upload sugar

And at Starbucks, Frappuccinos Rule:

Triple Mocha Frappuccino – Don’t have too much chocolate
Coffee Frappuccino – This is the basic to begin with
Double Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino – A little complicated right here
Coffee Mocha – Beats Lots – Must have a chocolate shot

So there you have it. As an eating state, we cling to our old standards for comfort, value, addiction and simple taste. While we often watch cooking shows, devour cookbooks and feel adventurous, we often do not worship to be dangerous when we are at ethnic restaurants. Despite the many USA of many backgrounds and recipes, equal lunch time checks out. And we don’t stay on hot cuisine, but we do enjoy our local ingredients to the max. And it’s only high-quality with us.

Writer Dale Phillip has a few top lists, but she is more inclined towards salads, turkey sandwiches and Mexican food (she lives in Southern California). Not actually broccoli now (make spinach). If she pulls into a fast food restaurant, it’s likely to be a grilled bird sandwich, and her favorite coffee drink is a hearty low-fat latte. Many of her food and drink please

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