Sanders Please Stand Up?

Unsurprisingly, Scottish immigrants to the southern United States provided a culture of deep-frying chicken in fat, and the relationship returned to the middle for a while, usually unlike their English cousins, which were usually roasted or boiled. It was adopted by the colonists, and various early African slaves cooked and seasoned it, and now it is not simplistic to introduce them into the fine dining rooms of the plantation owners. That’s why a national dish called “Southern Fried Chicken” was born.



Complete with mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and biscuits, it soon became a traditional Sunday dinner in the American South. Nineteenth-century cookbook creator Mary Randolph first recorded this recipe in her landmark classic “The Virginia Housewife.” Mary’s brother Thomas is married to Martha Jefferson, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson. And if you talk about eating president Thomas Jefferson, his resident chef is French-skilled, but Monticello is a former slave, so he certainly cooked an average fried bird dinner for Jefferson visitors and Sunday dinners.

A little over a century faster for owner Harlan Sanders (“The Colonel”), who opened his first restaurant in the gasoline station in the thirties. Located in Corbin, Kentucky, it was called Sanders Court & Cafe, and despite years of slowing down, his delicious fried chicken was worded, and by 1952 the Colonel began franchising his famous product, which was not successful because of “11 herbs and spices”, but additionally his quick The cooking process is a high pressure fryer వా Use. With the slogan “Finger Lickin ‘Good”, Kentucky Fried Chicken (or actually KFC) started rolling around the country, and the Colonel became, in his trademark white health, an American icon.

New Orleans founder Al Copeland opened an order in 1972 called Chicken on the Run. As a result, the crispy chicken was big with its rudimentary food, and four years later he changed it to Call Popeye’s (after the cine hero, the spinach-eating satire) and began promoting the franchise. The Bojangles, like every other famous chain, came together in 1977 in North Carolina. Other lesser-known areas include Texas-based Fully Church and Chicago-based Brown.




The still-popular Family Dinner and Soul Food Dish, the fastest dining spot, jumped on the bandwagon and began showing chicken sandwiches in the nineties and ’80s, wanting something different than beef hamburgers for his or her customers, adding nuggets and strips of spicy mushrooms and creams . Now Americans need to interact with their enthusiasm for fried chuck at special fast-food variations:

Buffalo chicken wings
Chicken palms (they are no longer weapons)
Nuggets and Strips
Chicken and waffles – soul meals and Pennsylvania Dutch delicacies
Fried Chuck Sandwiches
Some countries eat bird toes, though we do not go into it.

Wings N Things and Buffalo Wild Wings, both in 1982. Considering the less-desirable part of the bird, it immediately attracted the target audience, a craze that made its own existence. Originally created in Buffalo, NY as your basic bar food or appetizer, they are nationally available, including an unread chuck wing segment that is usually deep fried and covered in vinegar-based hot sauce.

(Note: This inventor deliberately omitted the American-preferred chicken sandwich fast-food restaurant in the 1940s due to trademark restrictions, but you all know who they are – they can be closed on Sundays, hint, trace.)

For the file, Asians have been chucking away for centuries (Cantonese and Korean models), but this is a completely different story.

No question, the unusual fried chicken can be discussed from time to time and no one can agree. Some family eateries are neighboring legends, huge franchises dominate the roadside, and celeb chefs have even put their personal stamp on their favorite variations. But there is definitely one element: America’s love affair with a fried bird in all its forms and versions. And it’s not likely to change every time soon.

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