Religious Compliance?

Money controls the arena because it is everywhere and in every lifestyle. It is at the heart of the world order and it began because of a resolute need for power and management. This puts it in the same direction as those who are more searched than others are trapped on the internet of fraud. So who is responsible and why is religion its greatest friend?



Something that threatens the lifestyle on planet money is meant to create monsters. It is implemented under the guidance and path of the great Creator. While it may sound contradictory, it should not be forgotten how the sector has changed and the end of it.

The primitive hominids may seem to be little more than animals, and by nature peculiar we have become a superior race. There is additional to this, but, because it has become a wish of God?

Evolutionary evidence suggests that Homo sapiens were four hundred thousand, 600 to 600,000 years ago, a proof of the opposite. The earliest evidence of the voice box was found in the boy’s cranium from that time.

The sophisticated word of mouth is in the game of destruction for them. The ideas were put aside and worked hard to improve the situation. Thoughts have quickly changed the course of life to separate humans from different animals.




In billions of years, the Earth will help make a living off an uninhabited planet. When humans evolved it became a world of splendor shared with other species.

By the time Guy’s surprise produces a written phrase, much has already been put in place. The assets also include a golden calf that precedes the money. According to the Old Testament, worship angered God, and the stone of the Ten Commandments was cracked.

Worshiping wealth, in fact or no longer, is the golden figure, the main basis of the world order. It gained prominence through the color of the sun. The kings were the solar ‘suns’ and the Son of God gained their power through that deception.

The Emperor Constantine of Rome, who founded the Catholic Church in 325, was the second beast to unite the countries he ruled. He creates power and wealth with money. His faith continues to govern the world order while forgiving criminals and developing poverty.

He is called 666. “And no person should buy or encourage, shop the mark of the beast, or the beast’s calling or the range of his calling.” Revelation Thirteen: 12-18

Only the Spirit, the Great Creator, can expect what is happening. Everything fits into the plan of exiting the arena as we realized it. God decided that the thieves would succeed in completing its destruction and the loss of all life.

“The tents of thieves will flourish, and the people who start God will feel comfortable; God will bring abundance into anyone’s fingers.” Job 12: 6

Following my rebirth, my goal changed with a hyperlink to the soul and to find out why the true God, truth and thieves thrive. Research shows that it is responsible for the cost of two animals, solar and gold, and Constantine, whose religion enforces it, outpaces the soul.

Those who concentrate on the introduction of wealth will convert from land to cash. It is destroying the realm and all lives. This was foretold many years ago, which proves that it is God’s desire and that humans are weak to prevent it.

Norma Holt did research to establish why money is the foundation of evil. It essentially depends on the 666’s images. He exercised the effective weapons of heaven and hell to dominate the establishment he founded.

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