Cooking With Canola Oil

From scrumptious jalebis to your favorite vegetable fried rice, canola oil is the best cooking oil. Pure canola oil is the safest to eat oil obtained from the plant life of Brassicaceae own family, belonging to the same family of mustard and rapeseed.

Canola oil is considered one of the maximum versatile cooking oil due to its mild taste, high smoke point and smooth texture. Its lightweight texture makes it perfect for saut మరియుing and stir-frying functions; It is very good for deep frying due to its high smoke point, and being unbiased in flavor, it is a perfect preference for traditional Indian cuisine with their trademark spices and flavors. This oil can also be used to bake delicious desserts and muffins because it reduces the amount of fat content in those delicious dishes, while maintaining moisture.





According to leading cooks at many hotels across India, the high smoke factor of canola oil is a super priority for Indian chefs as it enhances the taste of the dishes and makes them more healthy. In fact, canola oil intake is constantly increasing in India due to its diverse fitness benefits and compatibility with all cooking techniques and recipes.

An Indian client survey recently showed that more people prefer canola oil than other cooking oils. Being a nutrient-rich cooking oil, it offers the perfect cooking pleasure, with less burning and more cooking to reach. Other than that, canola oil is known as “Coronary Heart Healthy Oils” and “Diabetes Care Oils” which easily fall into the “healthy oils” class.

Whether you want to prepare dinner – parathas, sabzis or samosas, the use of this oil fills your kitchen with a delicate aroma and gives your taste buds an ideal delight. You don’t need to compromise on your health because omega-three oils are “excellent fats” such as antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids.



If you are looking for the best oil for frying, use Hudson Canola Oil as a lightweight and oily oil. It fries your preferred meal by coating it with a large layer of grease and keeping the total fat content low. Even in deep frying dishes like jalebis, you can enjoy a less greasy meal without compromising on taste.

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